Single Band Filter Set, AT-EGFP/FITC/Cy2/AlexaFluor 488

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Chroma Technology

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Chroma's 39002 single band filter set, AT-EGFP/FITC/Cy2/AlexaFluor 488 offer a level of transmission greater than 90%. AT filter sets are the perfect choice for routine fluorescence detection and assays, and for most applications requiring accurate color discrimination and excellent out-of-band blocking.

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  • Filters include in this set: AT480/30x (EX), AT505DC (BS), AT535/40m (EM)
  • Round excitation and emission filters mounted in anodized aluminum rings 2.3-5.0mm thick, up to 25mm in diameter
  • Rectangular dichroics up to 26x38mm, 1mm thick, to fit standard microscope manufacturer filter cubes
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  • 39002 AT-EGFP/FITC/Cy2/AlexaFluor 488 is best with these fluorochromes: Acridine Orange + DNA, Alexa Fluor 488™, Atto 488, Azami Green, BODIPY FL/pH7.2, Calcein, Calcium Green™-1, Cy2™, DiO, DyLight 488, EGFP, Emerald GFP, FAM, FITC, Fluo-4, GFP, LysoTracker Green/pH 5.2, MitoTracker Green FM/MeOH, mWasabi, Oregon Green™ 488, SYBR® Green I, SYTO 9/DNA, ZsGreen1
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Single Band Filter Set, AT-EGFP/FITC/Cy2/AlexaFluor 488
Single Band Filter Set