Quad-Band Laser Filter Set, ET-405/488/561/640nm, for TIRF applications

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Manufacturer CHROMA TECHNOLOGY Fluorescence Filters

Chroma Technology

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Chroma's TRF89901-EM Quad-Band Laser Filter Set, ET-405/488/561/640nm for TIRF applications provide greater levels of blocking of the TIRF lasers than our 89900 series filter sets. TRF89901-EM utilizes additional, single band emission filters which match the quad band emission filter in the filter cube. This option requires an emission filter wheel to house the additional emission filters. TRF89901-EM provide highest signal/noise levels.

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  • Filters include in this set: ZET405/488/561/640x (EX), ZT405/488/561/640rpc (BS), ET450/50m (EM), ET525/50m (EM), ET595/50m (EM), ET655lp (EM), ZET405/488/561/640m (EM)
  • Dichroic beamsplitter for TIRF filter cube is 2mm thick
  • Benefits

  • Set includes additional emission filters for use with external emission filter wheel for signal selection and greatest attenuation of TIRF lasers.
  • Ultra-Flat Dichroics in our TIRF sets are 2mm thick for distortion-free reflection of TIRF lasers with surface flatness =/> 0.5 waves/inch P-V, RWD
  • All TIRF filter sets are mounted in Chroma's metal TIRF cubes
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Fluorochrome/Laser ET-405/488/561/640nm Laser  

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Quad-band Laser TIRF Filter Set, ET-405/488/561/640nm Laser
Quad-band Laser TIRF Filter Set