Emission Filter, Dual-band, 488nm, 640nm, TIRF application

Chroma Technology Fluorescence Emission Filter

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Manufacturer CHROMA TECHNOLOGY Fluorescence Filters

Chroma Technology

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ZET488/640m-TRF is a dual band laser emission filter providing narrow blocking bands at 488nm, 640nm for TIRF application.

Chroma's multiband laser emission filters provide for the widest passbands for fluorescence transmission, with relatively narrow blocking bands, corresponding to the intended laser wavelengths. These particular emission filters are of limited use in non-laser applications due to their narrow attenuation ranges. The essential property of an emission filter in any laser application is adequate attenuation of the laser line(s). For Laser Emission Filters, its most important property is sufficient blocking of the laser line(s) being used.

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  • Laser line blocking band: 488nm and 640nm
  • Coating: Sputter/Hard Coated
  • Dimensions: up to either 25mm diameter or 26 x 38mm
  • Angle of incidence: 0°
  • Benefits

  • These laser emission filters will provide the best performance in laser applications, allowing user to detect fluorescence wavelengths as close as possible to the laser wavelength.
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Central Wavelength Range 401nm-500nm  
ZET488/640m-TRF Dual band Laser Emission Filter
 Multiband Laser Emission Filter