Dual Band Laser Filter Set, ET-532/640nm

Chroma Technology Fluorescence Filter Sets

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Manufacturer CHROMA TECHNOLOGY Fluorescence Filters

Chroma Technology

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Chroma's 59907 dual band Laser filter set, ET-532/640nm reflect two different laser wavelength ranges and consist of dual band transmission dichroics, dual band laser clean-up filters and dual band laser emission filters.

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  • For use with lasers between 528-535nm and 633-647nm
  • Filters include in this Set: ZET532/640x (EX)/ZT532/640rpc (BS)/ZET532/640m (EM)
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Set Type Laser / Sputter Coated  
Filters Type Dual band set  
Dual Band laser Filter Set, ET-532/640nm Laser
Dual Band Laser Filter Set