Laser Diode Module 3D PRO Laser™ for Machine Vision

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Manufacturer ProPhotonix


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The 3D PRO Laser has been designed specifically for the demanding requirements of machine vision applications. The laser modules have a compact cylindrical form factor based on industry standard dimensions for easy integration into existing applications. The 3D PRO Laser™ is 19mm in diameter, compatible with the majority of existing Machine Vision systems. The laser is available with a customer-specified fixed focus. 3D PRO lasers offer excellent uniformity with line widths down to 30µm at 120mm which is ideal for inspection applications that demand a high degree of accuracy.

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    • Compact, cylindrical form factor for easy mounting
    • Excellent uniformity
    • Line widths of 30 µm at 120 mm
    • Wavelength: 405,635,650,660,670,690,785,830 ,850nm
    • Output power: from 1mW to 100mW
    • Fan Angle: 10°, 20°, 30°, 45°, 60°,75°,90°
    • Diffractive Options: single line, dot line, cross, multiline, dot matrix, concentric circle, Spot
    • Digital Modulation: TTL, DC up to 1MHz
    • Analog Modulation: 0 - 3.3VDC, DC up to 100kHz
    • Available options include: wavelengths, power levels, fan angles, intensity control and strobe


    • Main Applications: 3D Machine Vision, Dimensional scanning, High precision alignment, pointing, positioning, Automated inspection

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Spectral Range VIS (400-750nm)  
NIR (750nm-3µm)  
Typical Pulse Length CW/Modulated  
Max Average Power 0.5mW-50mW  
Max Repetition Rate Single shot to 100Hz  
Wavelength (nm) Output Power (mW)
405 nm 5 10 20 35        
635 nm 1 5 10 15 35 45    
650 nm 1 5 10          
660 nm 1 5 10 20 35 50 80 100
670 nm 5 10 15          
690 nm 20 35 50          
785 nm 20 35 50 80 100      
830 nm 50 100            
850 nm 35 50            
Other wavelengths and diode power levels are available on request

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    What is MQW structure?

    In MQW (multi quantum well) structure, the active layer of the laser diode is a laminated structure comprising quantum well layers and barrier layers with a thickness of several nm. By regulating the composition of the quantum well layers that constitute the light emitting area, and using a crystal with a smaller lattice constant than the substrate, tensile stain is introduced into the quantum well layers. The band structure varies due to this strain, resulting in a lower threshold current and higher slope efficiency.

    Expert: Nicolas Busseuil (+33 1 60 79 59 34)

    Do you offer telecomms diodes?

    Typically telecomms diodes are 1300nm, 1550nm or 980nm and they may be DFB or DBR structures. We stock a range of 1310nm, 1550nm Fabry Perot and DFB laser diodes for telecommunications.

    Expert: Nicolas Busseuil (+33 1 60 79 59 34)

    What is the coherence length?

    Most laser diode manufacturers do not measure this parameter. Typically, laser diodes are index-guided devices with 3x1µm emitting dimensions. Coherence length is approximately several centimetres.

    Expert: Nicolas Busseuil (+33 1 60 79 59 34)

    Is it single mode / single frequency?

    Most laser diodes have a single mode structure with typical emitting dimensions of 3x1µm. However, Fabry Perot cavity laser diodes will mode hop, are sensitive to back reflections and may have regions in the power / current curve that are multi mode. So, yes, they are single mode / single frequency, but they will mode hop and may have multi mode operating regions.

    Expert: Nicolas Busseuil (+33 1 60 79 59 34)

    What is the maximum modulation bandwidth?

    Typically 5.6mm and 9mm packaged laser diodes have a modulation bandwidth in excess of 500 MHz.

    Expert: Nicolas Busseuil (+33 1 60 79 59 34)

    Can the laser be pulsed?

    Yes, but the maximum CW power should be observed

    Expert: Nicolas Busseuil (+33 1 60 79 59 34)

    Can the laser be operated below -10°C?

    Performance below -10°C has not been tested and is not recommended or guaranteed. It is likely that the laser will work but lifetime, optical and electrical performance will be reduced. Also the package may not remain hermetically sealed.

    Expert: Nicolas Busseuil (+33 1 60 79 59 34)

    Can laser diodes be wavelength selected?

    Yes they can, typically a ±3nm selection, subject to prior approval. A selection surcharge will be applied, details of which are available on request. Wavelength selection of devices in stock is possible at no surcharge. However, future availability of a particular wavelength cannot be guaranteed.

    Expert: Nicolas Busseuil (+33 1 60 79 59 34)

    Do you have laser diodes at wavelength X, power Y?

    If the requested wavelength and / or power is not on the website, then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

    Expert: Nicolas Busseuil (+33 1 60 79 59 34)

    Do you offer DFB or DBR laser diodes?

    We stock 1310nm and 1550nm DFB laser diodes.

    Expert: Nicolas Busseuil (+33 1 60 79 59 34)

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