Water-Cooled Thermopile Sensor, PowerMax-Pro 150W, Broadband Coating

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Manufacturer Coherent


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The high response speed of PowerMax-Pro 150 BB sensors is particularly advantageous in commercial applications, where it enables CW laser power and pulsed laser energy to be sampled much more frequently, resulting in increased throughput and improved process control. And, their broad spectral response and large active area make these detectors useful with virtually all commercial, scientific, and medical lasers operating in the visible, near infrared and far infrared, including CO2 lasers at 10.6 μm.

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PowerMax-Pro sensors, heat flows vertically through a film which is only microns thick. The result is a measurement response time below 10 μs, as compared to over 1 second for traditional thermopiles. Plus, these detectors can operate over a spectral range as broad as 300 nm to 11 μm, and incorporate a large 30 mm x 30 mm active area.

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  • Wavelength Range: 300 nm to 11 µm
  • Power Range: 50 mW to 150W; 50 mW to 17W (air-cooled)
  • Max. Intermittent Power: 65W (air-cooled; less than 5 min.)
  • Max. Peak Power: 170W
  • Max. Power Density: 3 kW/cm²
  • Max. Energy Density: 700 mJ/cm² (10 ns; 355 nm)
  • Rise Time (µs): <30
  • Detector Coating: Broadband
  • Active Area: 30 x 30 mm
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Sensor Type Thermopile  

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Spectral Range UV (150-400nm)  
VIS (400-700nm)  
NIR (750nm-3µm)  
MIR (3-30µm)  
Operating Mode CW  
Max. Average Power 51W-500W  
Aperture Dimensions (mm) 30 x 30