Laser Beam Quality, M² Measurement, UV High Divergence

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Manufacturer Coherent


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The ModeMaster MM-1S Si beam profiler measure the laser beam quality M² factor and beam propogation. The ModeMaster MM-1S model PC head is a dual-knife-edge Si beam profiler (220nm to 680nm) integrated with a diffraction-limited precision scanning lens, which is translated along the beam propagation axis. The UV high divergence lens focuses the beam to create an internal beam waist, and the two orthogonal knife edges (X and Y), which are mounted on a rotating drum, measure the beam diameter and beam axis location at 256 planes along the beam waist as the lens is translated. The powerful ModeMaster PC software then derives the M2 factor, the size and location of the beam waist, the far-field divergence angle, the pointing direction, astigmatism and asymmetry, and the Rayleigh range.

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  • Spectral range: 220 nm to 680 nm
  • Detector: Silicon
  • Power: 7.5mW min / 10W Max
  • Waist Diameter: ±2%
  • Waist Location ±8% of input beam Rayleigh Range
  • Beam Quality: M2 ±5%
  • Divergence: ±5%
  • Beam Translation ±5% of waist diameter +0.1 mm
  • Pointing Angle ±5% of divergence +0.04 mrad
  • Azimuth Angle Readout ±2°(10 to 200°)
  • Benefits

  • Measurement and display of CW laser divergence, M2 (or k) and astigmatism
  • Beam sizes 0.2 mm to 25 mm
  • Wavelengths from 220 nm to 1000 nm
  • Determination of waist location and diameters (including D4σ diameter) and Rayleigh range
  • Angular and translational beam-pointing stability