310F Ultracapacitor Cell, Board mounted

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Manufacturer Maxwell Technologies Inc.

Maxwell Technologies Inc.

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The BCAP0310 P270 T10 Maxwell Technologies' D Cell® series ultracapacitor cells are ideal for automotive boardnet stabilization, medical devices, uninterruptible power supplies, backup power and pulse, wind turbine pitch control, and many other applications requiring a pulse of energy that cannot be efficiently provided by a battery or power supply alone.

Designed as a cylindrical package similar in size to a standard D-size battery, models are available for higher peak power applications (310F cell) or more energy intensive requirements (350F). The radial design provides both high current capability as well as a high reliability board soldering.

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  • Up to 500,000 duty cycles or 10 year life
  • Low internal resistance
  • High power performance
  • 310F and 350F capacitance values
  • Radial terminals for PCB mounting
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Capacitance (F) 310  

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Rated voltage (V) at 65°C 2.7  
Absolute maximum operating voltage (V) 2.85  
ESR, DC (mohm) 2.2  
Leakage current (mA) 0.45  
Maximum peak current (A) 1 second at 65°C 250  
Operating temperature range °C -40 to 65  
Storage temperature range °C -40 to 70  
Weight (Kg) 0.06  
Stored energy (Wh) 65°C 31  
Emax (Wh/Kg) at 65°C 5.2  
Pmax (W/Kg) at 65°C 14000  
Terminal type Radial Tab  
Safety standards UL810a  
Vibration protection level IEC 60068.2.6  
SAE J2380  
Shock protection level EC 60068.2.27  
SAE J2464