16V Ultracapacitor Small Module

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Manufacturer Maxwell Technologies Inc.

Maxwell Technologies Inc.

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The BMOD0058 E016 B02 16V small cell ultracapacitor module provides energy storage and power delivery in a compact, cost-effective module. The modules are specifically engineered to provide cost-effective solutions for wind turbine pitch control of 1.5MW and smaller, small UPS systems, telecommunications and other lighter-duty industrial electronics applications.

The 16V module is based upon the high-reliability, 350F radial D-Cell®. In addition to meeting or exceeding demanding industrial application requirements for both watt-hours of energy storage and watts of power delivery per kilogram, all of these products will perform reliably for more than 500,000 discharge-recharge cycles.

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  • 16V DC working voltage
  • Resistive cell balancing
  • Compact and lightweight package
  • Screw terminals
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Capacitance (F) 58  

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Rated voltage (V) at 65°C 16  
Absolute maximum operating voltage (V) 17  
ESR, DC (mohm) 22  
Leakage current (mA) 35  
Maximum peak current (A) 1 second at 65°C 170  
Operating temperature range °C -40 to 65  
Storage temperature range °C -40 to 70  
Weight (Kg) 0.63  
Stored energy (Wh) 65°C 2.1  
Emax (Wh/Kg) at 65°C 3.3  
Pmax (W/Kg) at 65°C 4600  
Terminal type M5 Threaded  
Safety standards UL810a  
Vibration protection level EC60068-2-6  
Shock protection level IEC60068-2-27  
Enviromental protection IP54