Multi Micro Hornet GPS/GNSS Receiver Module, with integrated Antenna

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Manufacturer Origin GPS


Description :

Multi Micro Hornet ORG1510MK-04 module is a miniature multi-channel GPS and GLONASS/BEIDOU, SBAS, QZSS overlay systems receiver that continuously tracks all satellites in view, providing real-time positioning data in industry’s standard NMEA format.

Multi Micro Hornet ORG1510 module offers superior sensitivity and outstanding performance, achieving rapid TTFF in less than one second, accuracy of approximately two meters, and tracking sensitivity of -165dBm.

MMulti Micro Hornet ORG1510MK-04 module is a complete SiP featuring miniature LGA SMT footprint designed to commit unique integration features for high volume cost sensitive applications.

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Technical Data :

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  • Autonomous operation
  • Active antenna on-board
  • Pin to pin compatible with ORG1410 GPS module
  • OriginGPS Noise Free Zone System (NFZ™) technology
  • Fully integrating: Antenna element, Dual-stage LNA, SAW filter, TCXO, RTC crystal, GNSS SoC, LDO regulator, RF shield
  • Concurrent tracking of multiple constellations
  • Uses GPS and GLONASS/BEIDOU, QZSS constellations
  • GPS L1 1575.42 frequency, C/A code
  • GLONASS L1 FDMA 1598-1606MHz frequency band, SP signal
  • BEIDOU B1 1561.098MHz frequency band.
  • DGPS capability (using RTCM)
  • 99 search channels and 33 simultaneous tracking channels
  • Ultra-high Sensitivity down to -165dBm enabling Indoor Tracking
  • TTFF of < 1s in 50% of trials under Hot Start conditions
  • Low Power Consumption of ≤ 15mW
  • High Accuracy of < 2.5m in 50% of trials
  • AGPS support: Embedded Assist System (EASY) and Extended Prediction Orbit (EPO) and HotStill
  • Indoor and outdoor Multipath and cross-correlation mitigation
  • Jamming Rejection – 12 multi-tone Active Interference Cancellation (AIC)
  • 8 Megabit built in flash
  • High update messages rate of 1,2,5,10Hz
  • Single voltage supply 2.8V to 4.3V
  • Ultra-small LGA footprint of 10mm x 10mm
  • Ultra-low weight of 2.4g
  • Surface Mount Device (SMD)
  • Operating from -40°C to +85°C
  • Optimized for automatic assembly and reflow equipment