Mobile WiMAX /LTE Base Station Transceiver (CPRI/OBSAI-Compliant)

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Manufacturer Lightron


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Bi-directional Pluggable Optics for CPRI/OBSAI Wireless Base station. Lightron builds a wide range of simplex SC/LC Bi-directional SFPs for wireless base station interconnection standard and customized systems to national and international customers.

The company offers a CPRI/OBSAI data links from 9.83 Gb/s, 6.144 Gb/s, 3.072 Gb/s, 2.457 Gb/s, 1.536 Gb/s, 1.229 Gb/s and 0.6144 Gb/s.

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Form factor SFP  

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Distance (km) 20-40  
Protocol Datacom/telecom  
Data rate 2.488 - 4.25 Gb/s  
Temperature range Industrial