Dual Receiver, 850nm, Multimode, 10-155 Mb/s ATM

Coretek CT-0155 Dual Transmitter Receiver

Manufacturer's part number :

CT-0155NRP-SB2L-E P2

Manufacturer Coretek


Description :

The CT-0155NTP-SB2L-E P2 from Coretek Opto Corp. is the high performance and cost-effective module for serial optical data communication applications specified for data-rates of 10-155 Mb/s. It operates with +3.3 V power supply. The module is intended for multi-mode fiber, operates at a nominal wavelength of 850 nm and complies with Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP). Each module consists of dual transmitter optical subassembly and an electrical subassembly and it is integrated digital diagnostics functions via an I2C serial interface.

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  • Dual 850 nm Photodiodes
  • Data Rate: 10-155 Mb/s, NRZ
  • Single +3.3 V Power Supply
  • RoHS Compliant and Lead-free
  • AC Differential Electrical Interface
  • Compliant with Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP)
  • Compliant with SFF-8472 Digital Diagnostic Monitoring Interface
  • Duplex LC Connector
  • Compliance with 100Base-FX of IEEE802.3u Standard
  • Compliance with FDDI PMD Standard
  • Compliance with ATM Standard
  • Benefits

    Main Applications:

  • Fast Ethernet
  • FDDI
  • Multimode fiber links
  • Optical-Electrical Interface Conversion
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Form factor SFP  

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Distance (km) 1-15  
Protocol Datacom/telecom  
Data rate 100 - 622 Mb/s  
Temperature range Industrial