Strain Gauge, Load Cell TRAnsmitter, with alarm, Bridge interface

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Manufacturer Acromag


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IntelliPack strain gauge and load cell transmitters offer many powerful features beyond the limited capabilities found in typical bridge amplifiers. 851T models accept signals from sensors wired in a Wheatstone bridge configuration. Common uses include measurement of force, weight, level, torque, acceleration, pressure, and vibration.

The transmitter's input circuit allows true 6-wire bridge measurement and includes an adjustable bridge excitation supply (4 to 11V DC) with a remote sense feature. Sense wires ensure the programmed excitation voltage is applied at the sensor and enable lead-wire compensation. The differential input performs true ratiometric conversions for extremely stable measurements that remain accurate over time and temperature. Plus, lead break detection is inherent in the device.

Intellipack configuration software simplifies setup for use with basic load cells, millivolt inputs, or seven bridge sensor formats. Internal bridge completion resistors are supplied for half and quarter bridges. The software also downloads sensor parameters such as gauge factor and Poisson's ratio into the transmitter for internal calculation of complex equations to determine sensor strain (e). The strain is then converted to a representative process signal output.

Screw terminals enable a remote "auto-tare" function to compensate for non-zero dead weights and other sensor offsets (e.g. container weight or bridge imbalances). Alternatively, these same screw terminals may be used to reset latched relay alarms.

All these powerful features combined with Acromag's user-friendly configuration software, make the 851T a versatile device that's easy to use and maintain. Plus, a rugged, compact design makes it ideal for use out in the field, on the plant floor, or inside a laboratory.

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  • Intelligent signal processing functions perform math computations for custom output: strain (e) calculations, signal linearization (25 breakpoints), average signal computation.
  • Relay output option provides local limit alarm capability in addition to the DC output
  • Adjustable bridge excitation supports a wide variety of sensor types
  • An internal bridge completion function (half-to-full and quarter-to-full) accommodates a broad range of applications
  • Remote auto-tare function compensates for extraneous loads and corrects for imbalances in the input bridge
  • High-resolution Sigma-Delta A/D converter delivers high accuracy with low noise.
  • Windows 98/ME/NT/XP/2000 software configuration speeds setup and replacement.
  • Operating temperature range: -25 to 70°C (-13 to 158°F).
  • All IntelliPacks require initial software configuration (order 800C-SIP).
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Power Requirement 10-36V DC