Math Computation Module, Frequency Output, Dual I/O channel

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Manufacturer Acromag


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Solid-state relay (60V DC @ 500mA) control ouput

10-36V DC power

Software configured, ideal for integrator/totalizer applications, computes arithmetic operations, conditional arguments, track & hold functions

Technical Data :

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  • Universal DC analog I/O ranges provide flexi-bility for changing application requirements.
  • Individual channel input/output scaling displays signal values in engineering units.
  • Track and hold function enables easy identification of critical events and their corresponding signal values.
  • 200-character equation fields (50-char. max. on 895/896M) support complex transfer functions.
  • Software simulation feature allows off-line testing of equations to quickly check output signal response for a variety of conditions.
  • Diagnostic LEDs provide quick, visual indication of an out-of-range input value.
  • Pulse-width modulation capability allows the user to vary the output signal's pulse width on a user-defined carrier frequency.
  • Solid-state relays provide on/off control or local alarms with failsafe/ nonfailsafe capability.
  • Windows XP/Vista®/7
  • Operating temperature range: -25 to 70°C (-13 to 158°F).
  • All IntelliPacks require inital software configuration (order 800C-SIP).
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