Isolator, 4-20mA, 4-Wire DC-Powered, 10-36V DC

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Manufacturer Acromag


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Series 330i and 430i isolators provide 3-way isolation and do not require recalibration for different loads.

Both the 330i and 430i accept a 4 to 20mA process current input and provide a 3-way isolated process current output signal.

These isolators use transformer isolation to effectively break the electrical path between the transmitted signal, receiving device, and power. This eliminates ground loops, reduces noise, and helps protect sensitive instruments from transients for more accurate and reliable measurements.

The 330i and 430i are also extremely easy to use. Advanced circuitry eliminates the need to recalibrate as loads change and allows us to provide factory calibration regardless of the load. And, for highly reliable field operation, they withstand extreme ambient temperatures and have excellent temperature coefficients.

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  • 3-way isolation; input, output, and power circuits are isolated from each other.
  • 1500V AC peak isolation (250V AC or 354V DC continuous) prevents ground loops.
  • Excellent accuracy and stability ensure reliable measurements in harsh industrial environments
  • RFI and EMI resistance minimize the effects of environmental noise
  • Factory calibration is provided standard
  • Calibration is independent of the load to eliminate load compensation adjustments
  • Wide power supply range on 330i handles more applications to reduce inventory stock
  • DC power used with 330i carry lower voltages and do not require expensive conduit for safer and easier installation.
  • Low input burden (1.3V typical), independent of load, helps prevent overloading of the loop.
  • High load compliance drives output load resistances up to 1050 ohms independent of supply voltage.
  • 25mS response time delivers fast updates to monitoring and control systems.
  • Zero and span adjustment enable precise calibration.
  • 13 to 185°F (-25 to 85°C) operation
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Power Requirement 10-36V DC