Simultaneous A/D Conversion Analogue Input Board

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Manufacturer Acromag


Description :

APC341 boards provide fast, high resolution, simultaneous A/D conversion of eight channels.

These boards have sixteen analogue inputs which are sampled as two eight-channel banks. Eight A/D converters (ADCs) permit simultaneous conversion of all eight channels in a bank. All 16 channels share two generous 512-sample memory buffers. Conversion of each bank requires only 8μS, and all 16 channels can be sampled in just 16μs.

Flexible configuration options give you extensive control over the conversion process. The channels or bank to be converted, timing, scan mode, and other parameters are user-programmable. Interrupt support adds further control to interrupt upon a programmable threshold when the data in memory exceeds the set threshold.

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  • 16 differential inputs (±10V DC input range)
  • Eight 14-bit A/D converters with simultaneous multi-channel conversion
  • 8μS conversion time (125KHz) for 8-channel bank
  • Two 512-sample memory buffers
  • Data tagging for channel identification
  • Programmable conversion timer
  • Programmable channel conversion control
  • External trigger input and output
  • Continuous and single-cycle conversion modes
  • Interrupt generation for memory full threshold conditions
  • Precision calibration voltages stored on-board
  • CE marked, FCC Part 15, Class B
  • Benefits

  • Simultaneous channel conversion and on-board memory enable megahertz throughput rates.
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Number of Channels 16 (Differential)  

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Resolution 14 Bit  
I/O Voltage Range ±10V (Input)  
Ruggedised Option No  
Extended Temp Option No