Two Wire Transmitter with HART protocol

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Manufacturer Acromag


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These programmable transmitters convert temperature and other sensor inputs to a proportional process current signal. A HART protocol output is optional.

Acromag's 1500 series transmitters bring the best elements of analog and smart digital technologies together to offer unsurpassed value for temperature measurement applications. They deliver superior accuracy, unrivaled versatility, and are extremely easy to use. Save time. Cut costs. And improve performance.

Two models are available. The 151T model is a standard PC-configurable two-wire transmitter. The 155H is a two-wire transmitter with a HART interface for communication and configuration.

Options include a plug-in LCD display and an explosion-proof enclosure. The two-line display provides a 4½ digit readout in °C or °F, a bar graph, and a text line for tag information. Pushbuttons on the display unit allow you to configure the transmitter in the field. The enclosure is ideal for field mounting in hazardous locations. A window maintains visibility for the LCD display

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  • Microprocessor reduces setup time, improves performance, and performs self-diagnostics.
  • Multivariable transmitter accepts a variety of input sensor types to meet most applications and help minimize inventory requirements.
  • Multifunction LCD readout displays temperature in °C or °F, a bar graph, the tag name, and diagnostic data.
  • Flexible configuration supports setup via a PC with Acromag's software interface package, a standard handheld 275 HART communicator (155H only), or by using pushbuttons on the optional LCD display.
  • 22-breakpoint linearizer table helps the user define custom output transfer functions.
  • Sensor break detection and reporting functions allow users to specify a failsafe output and post a message on the optional LCD display.
  • Automatic cold-junction compensation ensures high accuracy over a wide temperature range.
  • Isolation between input/output circuits allows the use of grounded or ungrounded sensors.
  • Output ranges can be set in engineering units anywhere within the input sensor range. No minimum/maximum span limitation.
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