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The 900PB series is a high-performance line of networked I/O modules. These units feature universal input/output ranges and an intelligent microcontroller to provide extreme flexibility and powerful monitoring and control capabilities. Select from a variety of analog and discrete I/O models to meet your application requirements.

Each module provides a direct network interface for your I/O signals. Unlike "block I/O" devices that combine a large and expensive processor block with snap-on I/O terminal blocks, 900PB modules handle the network interface and I/O processing in a single, compact multi-channel module. This space-saving approach is very cost effective for systems that need to add some I/O channels at an existing control site or network new, remote sites.

To ensure unsurpassed performance, these I/O modules employ advanced microcontroller technology. Isolated input, output, power, and network circuits increase noise/transient immunity and prevent ground loops. Status LEDs provide diagnostic feedback.

Self-diagnostics and sophisticated watchdog timers simplify maintenance and troubleshooting. The watchdog timer invokes a failsafe condition if host communication is lost. For further security, a second watchdog monitors the microcontroller for failed operations or a "lock-up" condition and automatically resets the unit.

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  • Direct Network Interface: Each module has a built-in microcontroller for communication. No bus coupler required.
  • RS485/ProfiBus Network Communication: Highly immune to noise and operates over long distances
  • Industry Standard ASIC: Siemens SPC3 intelligent ASIC to talk ProfiBus
  • High-Speed Data Rates: Half-duplex RS485 with rates up to 12M baud
  • Auto-Baud Rate Detection: Baud rate is set automatically
  • Fully Isolated: I/O, network, and power circuits isolated from each other for safety and noise immunity
  • Nonvolatile Reprogrammable Memory: Allows the functionality of this device to be reliably reprogrammed thousands of times
  • Self-Diagnostics & Watchdog Timers: Self-test simplifies maintenance. Profibus has defined failsafe mode for lost communication.
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