DC Voltage Field Input module, ±1V to ±60V

Manufacturer's part number :

UB31/41 Series

Manufacturer Acromag


Description :

Acromag's microBlox™ uB31 and uB41 models condition and convert a low-level DC voltage field input signal to a scaled 0-5V or ±5V output. The uB31 has more filtering for low-band applications, while the uB41 relaxes filtering for higher speed applications. uB31 modules are recommended for noisier environments where conversion speed is less of a concern. uB41 modules drive a faster response, but with less filtering for noise.

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  • Field Input: ±1V to ±60V ranges
  • Host Output: 0-5V or ±5V ranges
  • Mixes with different I/O types on compact 4, 8, or 16 channel backpanels
  • Select fixed I/O range models or Bluetooth wireless technology user-configurable models
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Protocol Bluetooth  
Number of channels I/O 4