AcroPack mini PCIe based Serial Communication module 4x RS232

Manufacturer's part number :

AP500 Series

Manufacturer Acromag


Description :

The AP500 modules provide four asynchronous serial communication interfaces for your system. Software-configuration helps you quickly set baud rates, character-sizes, stop bits, and parity. Full signal support for modem control is also included. For more efficient data processing, each serial port is equipped with 256-character FIFO buffers on the transmit and receive lines.

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  • PCI Express Generation 1 interface
  • Four RS232E serial ports
  • 256-byte FIFO buffers
  • Programmable baud rate (up to 500Kbps)
  • Individual modem control signals on each channel
  • Handshake lines (RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, DCD, RI)
  • Line-break and false start-bit detection
  • 16550 compatible register set
  • 256-byte FIFO buffers minimize CPU interaction for improved system performance
  • Each serial channel provides full handshake support to simplify interfacing with modems
  • Extended temperature range
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RS-232 Support Yes  
RS-422 Support No  
RS-485 Support No  
CAN Bus Support No  
ARCNET Support No  
ISDN Support No  
Ethernet Support No  
DDCMP Support No  
Ruggedised Option No  
Extended Temp Option Yes