Single-width, Type 6 COM Express carrier card with two Mini PCIe sites

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Manufacturer Acromag


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Acromag'S ACEX-4600 Type 6 COM Express carrier cards employ a number of key features that are critical for successful use in the rugged environments of defense/industrial applications.

High-density connectors (Samtec® SEARAY™) provide all field connections to standard I/O, CPU, and PMC/XMC module(s). This connector offers both a high-density (400 connections) and high-speed interface (10GHz) required to support Type 6 COM modules. The SEARAY connector supports both board-to-board and cable interfaces.

These carrier cards are ready for conduction cooling. Developers can install a CPU, carrier and expansion boards into a completely sealed enclosure. Acromag has developed a heat dissipation approach that meets the cooling needs of all three components.

Another vital feature is the on-board DC/DC power supply. The carrier card operates from a single external 10-32V DC power source. All internal supply voltages are derived from this single external DC power source and built onto the carrier card.

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  • Type 6 COM Express module site for compact or basic size processor board
  • Two Mini PCIe sites for I/O expansion
  • Optional single/dual XMC/PMC sites
  • High-density, high-speed connector for CPU, I/O, and PMC/XMC interface
  • Two Gigabit LAN ports
  • PCIe port
  • Four USB ports (2.0 or higher)
  • One to three DVI-I ports
  • Three SATA ports
  • CFast port or similar (on-board)
  • Audio in/out
  • 1 or 2 RS232/RS485 port
  • Eight GPIO
  • System temperature sensor (on-board)
  • Two fan control line (on-board)
  • System battery (on-board)
  • Power monitoring LED (on-board)