800 Watts DC Power Supply

Manufacturer's part number :

SM 70-AR-24

Manufacturer Delta Elektronica

Delta Elektronica

Description :

Delta Elektronika SM800 - Series 800 W, Bench, Programmable System DC power supply Models include:SM7.5-80 (0 - 7.5V 0 - 80A) SM18-50 (0 - 18V 0 - 50A) SM70-AR-24 Auto ranging (0 - 35V 0 - 24A) or (0 -70V 0-12A) SM400-AR-4 Auto ranging (0 - 200V 0 - 4A) or (0 -400V 0-2A).

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  • High quality Power Supplies - designed for long life at full load
  • Protected against all overload and short circuit conditions
  • Very stable voltage or current
  • EMC class B for Generic Emission
  • Can be used safely near sensitive equipment
  • Accurate voltage and current control by 10 turn potentiometers
  • Potentiometers optionally replaced by digital encoders
  • Programmable by Analog voltage Isolated analog Ethernet RS232 or IEEE488
  • Sequencer option - for both waveform generation and stand-alone automation
  • CE
  • High Speed Programming versions available for ATE Laser Diodes
  • Two Autoranging (AR) versions - doubles voltage and current range
  • Power Sink Option: 2 Quadrant operation for PWM motor testing or fast down programming in ATE systems
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Maximum voltage per output (V) 51-100  

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Maximum current per output (A) 11-25  
Maximum power (W) 176-1,200