Charged-Plate Monitor with Bar Code Reader

Manufacturer's part number :

Model 157-1

Manufacturer Trek Inc

Trek Inc

Description :

Trek's Model 157 Charged-Plate Monitor offers greater accuracy, stability and bandwidth than conventional designs. It combines Trek's patented precision charge measurement capability with features that drive down performance testing and maintenance costs.

Model 157 is suitable for semiconductor, disk drive, LCD and many other manufacturing environments that are sensitive to static charge. It can be used to test all types of ionizers including room ionization systems, AC and DC blowers, nuclear ionizers, gun type ionizers, and pulsed DC ionizers. It is also useful in materials evaluation for testing dissipative qualities.

Features include a user-friendly menu system with a clear and easy-to-read digital display, powerful graphics display, manual or bar code reading capability for quick ionizer identification (and storage of associated tests results), the capability of storing hundreds of ionizer tests on board for later download and data analysis, USB port for uploading/downloading test sequences and test results to a computer, optional thermohygrometer to record temp/humidity conditions, and a lightweight static-dissipative enclosure for optimum ease of transport.

Enhanced features now include the ability to store & retrieve data as data points or graphs, the option to record operator comments for future reference, and the addition of a 'fast' data acquisition mode (1 ms/data point) for rapidly-changing discharge events, to complement the 'normal' mode (10 ms/data point).

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  • Store & retrieve data as data points or graphs
  • Record operator comments for reference
  • 'Fast' data acquisition mode now available
  • Ideal for monitoring static charge in a manufacturing facility
  • Suitable for dissipative testing of materials
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Monitored Voltage Range 0 - ± 1020 VDC / Peak AC  

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Small Signal Bandwidth @ -3dB DC to 80 Hz  
Battery Life 8 Hours  
Temperature Range (°C) 5 to 35 °C  
RH Operation Range Up to 80%