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Ferroxcube – the founder of ferrites

Building on the heritage of Philips Magnetic Components, Ferroxcube offer customers the highest level of support in the development of their new innovative design.

As a leading supplier in ferrite-ceramic technology they offer a broad range of soft ferrite cores, accessories and EMI suppression products. They also offer extensive design-in support including application information and software to help designers optimise their new designs.

The strong R&D team continue to develop materials which have lower power losses and higher saturation magnetic flux densities over a wide range of operating frequencies. Ferroxcube’s aim is to support today’s digital electronic markets with products combining miniaturisation with ever-greater functionality, using their range of high-quality, innovative products.

Power conversion

Converters operate at a wide switching frequency range, depending on the voltage, power and cost constraints. For each range, Ferroxcube offer specific materials working from just a few kHz (inverters, high voltage systems) to tens of kHz (consumer and computer SMPS), hundreds of kHz (high-efficiency, compact converters) and even MHz.

Other parameters used to select the correct material include core loss at working temperature. While standard material for industrial equipment is optimised at around 100°C, there are applications that require steady loss curves in fluctuating temperatures ranges as wide as 20°C-100°C (eg handheld converters) or 60°C-140°C (eg automotive).

Ferroxcube’s various power materials cover an unparalleled broad temperature area to suit every application.

Materials for low-frequency applications < 300KHz   Materials for high-frequency applications > 500KHz
  • 3C92
  • 3C95
  • 3C96
  • 3C97
  • 3C92A
  • 3C98
  • 3C99
  • 3F36
  • 3F4
  • 3F46

These materials are available in most of the shapes we offer (toroids, E cores, EQ cores, U cores, UR cores, PQ cores, ETD, EFD, EPX, EC, RM, pot cores, Planar etc)


EMI suppression

Electro-magnetic interference (EMI) severely affects the operation of electronic equipment. Ferrites exhibit excellent EMI protection against common mode and differential conducted noise – their insertion loss is proportional to frequency and thus lets the lower frequency signals pass, but shows high attenuation to the high frequency noise.

Ferroxcube offers a wide range of materials for different frequency bands, thermal conditions and type of noise to be suppressed, with complete data and characterisation to ease the design process.

Materials can be found in most appropriate shapes for its use, including toroids for common mode chokes, cable shields, beads, rods and several ready-to-mount solutions (such as SMD beads), through-hole wideband chokes and encapsulated cable shields.

High-permeability materials – EMI (toroid shapes)   High-permeability materials – EMI (rods)
  • 3E27
  • 3E65
  • 3E10
  • 3E12
  • 3E15
  • 3S3
  • 4B1


Signal processing

The main applications for signal processing are telecom line filters, proximity sensors, signal and pulse transformers, delay lines and antennae.

Ferroxcube offer outstanding technologies and products for telecommunications equipment manufacturers. For example, Ferroxcube have introduced the high-permeability material 3B46 for filter applications with high bias current. In combination with the virtually unlimited core shape variety offered by Ferroxcube, almost any technical challenge can be addressed.

Materials MnZn   Materials NiZn
  • 3B46
  • 3H3
  • 3D3
  • 4C65
  • 4A11



Special ferrites

Ferroxcube have the ability to produce small production series of custom cores by CNC machining, as well as with special processes, such as lathe, grinding, cutting or assembling. This capability enables the production of shapes not feasible by standard processes such as multi-axial cores and large cores used in scientific, high-tech industrial and medical applications.

One outstanding capability are their super-large cores across the complete range of materials and shapes, used, for example, for particle accelerators, including 500mm toroids, blocks and large P-cores.

Custom magnetic cores

At Acal BFi we offer custom services from design to production of magnetic components to meet your bespoke specifications.

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