Custom magnetic components: design to production

Acal BFi's Application Engineering and Design team is at the heart of our centre of competence in inductive components. Designing and supplying a wide range of customised magnetic components, including inductors, transformers and accessories, we offer our customers a complete service, built on knowledge and expertise.

Meeting your exact requirements

We have a strong reputation for excellence, giving you confidence that we will help you source exactly the right product for your needs. Across our product range, this service offers real benefits.

  • Design-to-order – working closely with you, we can design new parts or modify existing components that meet all your project parameters, and our specialist in-house test equipment means you can be sure you’re getting the best product.
  • Sample production – in-house specialists and direct co-operation with contract manufacturers means we can provide samples quickly and cost-effectively, using local hubs for efficiency and engineering support for additional confidence.
  • Production support – production quantities, facilities and planning available at every stage, including audits to ensure quality and logistics planning where required.
  • Peace of mind – all components are subject to a final inspection as instructed by you. All our test equipment is modern and regularly calibrated, and recording and review software is available for automatic testing.

Our internal design team is made up of experienced application engineers who use modern, self-written design software that is built on our years of expertise. Our design and test facilities include, among others, a climate chamber, temperature change oven, partial discharge tester and an impedance analyser.

Customised inductors and transformers

We offer a complete customisation service – from the choice of soft magnetic cores to designing finished components. With access to all materials and core shapes, we pass our knowledge and expertise onto you, giving you access to customised products.

Inductor range

  • Storage chokes
  • PFC chokes
  • Filter chokes
  • Common mode chokes (CMC)

Transformer range

  • Resonant chokes
  • Flyback transformers
  • Push-pull/forward transformers
  • Signal/drive transformers
  • Current transformers

Helping customers with bespoke magnetic components design for over 25 years, we have in-house engineering capability, a dedicated technical sales team and close working relationships with leading manufacturers. This makes us the perfect partner for your needs.

Customised accessories

Protect, enhance and position with confidence when you come to Acal BFi for customised accessories. Particularly important where space is limited, performance is crucial or weight matters, we can custom design accessories that help to make your design work effectively using bobbins, housings, base plates or clips.

Our in-house engineering team have the knowledge and capability to advise, design and produce the custom accessory solution you need, responding quickly and precisely to your needs. Use us for the whole process, or come to us when you have a problem – we are always available to help you build greater success into your project.

Choose Acal BFi

For outstanding service, engineering excellence and access to the latest in transformer, inductor and accessory technology, work with Acal BFi and enjoy long-term success.


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