xPico – the most flexible embedded device server

Lantronix xPico

The xPico has set a new industry standard for network-enabling modules. Today’s technology is a quest for the smallest, the fastest, the most powerful, and the most efficient. The chip-sized xPico is recognised as the most advanced, easiest to use and fastest of its kind.

Manufactured by Lantronix, it is designed for quick integration with minimal engineering effort. It is simple, flexible, exceptionally compact, and comes with a 256 KB SRAM memory and a five year warranty. This is a networking solution that enables ethernet connectivity on virtually any device with a serial interface.

The xPico is an example of the world-class equipment and components that Acal BFi supply, backed up by technical know-how and expertise.

Wide range of applications

The xPico, as befits a market-leading component, has a host of applications, including:

  • security – it can help control access to doors and buildings
  • medicine – it can be used in the remote monitoring of patients, and
  • transportation – it can be used in data transmission.

Time-saving advantages

One of the major differences between the xPico and other modules is that there is virtually no need to write a single line of code. This gives you much lower development costs, saving you time as well as money.

Another important advantage over its rivals is its extremely compact size – 24mm x 16.5mm x 5.64mm. Being smaller than a standard SD (secure digital) memory card, it can fit into miniature applications that previously would have involved a chip design.

Other advantages include:

  • fully functional at temperatures from 85°C down to -40°C (industrial grade operating range)
  • full IP stack allows seamless remote access to device data
  • storage capacity of 384 KB for web pages, and
  • Microsoft Windows-based DeviceInstaller and Com Port Redirector software.


Acal BFi supplies development kits and modules, as well as unrivalled technical support to aid quick and easy implementation of this world-class component.

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