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Manufacturer's part number Product description Qty

With an increase in demand for UAVs, the market is expected to rise by up to 10% CAGR by 2024. This is mostly being driven by military and defence applications, however, other key drivers for this projected increase are commercial purposes such as remote sensing, oil, gas and mineral exploration, and crop monitoring.

The requirements for these types of applications mean that the technologies within the UAV need to be increasingly smarter, bringing more of a complex challenge in choosing the right components for such demanding applications.

Our market-leading UAV solutions

Our specialist engineers work with customers to identify and supply the most appropriate solution for each project. We simplify the product selection process using our partnerships with market-leading suppliers and manufacturers, providing customers with access to the latest range of technologies suitable for UAV applications, with end-to-end support from either our team, or directly from the manufacturers.

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Discover our recommended market-leading technologies and services, suitable for demanding UAV applications.

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Discover our range of technologies, suited to harsh UAV environments.

Infrared imaging

Visible imaging / Video analytics

Power supplies / Signal transmission

Sensing / Positioning

Connectivity solutions

If you are unsure which one is right for your design given all the choices available – we can help with an extensive specialist portfolio and in-house expertise.

Do you need additional support on your project?

Using our consult, design, integrate approach, we can support you on your project with a variety of value-add services, from concept to post-production. Our leading-edge technology portfolio, technical expertise, and custom design capabilities provide you with a unique solution, for any application, in any sector.

Design phase support:

  • Advice on the best technology to meet your specification
  • Technical support on selected products, from initial start to fine tuning
  • Detailed responses to technical queries
  • Direct access to manufacturers technical support
  • Samples and demonstration models available

Pre-production phase support:

  • Access to our Imaging, Power, Sensors and Communications European Technical Competence Centres
  • Access to our UK-based EMC chamber for pre-compliance testing

Production phase support:

  • Continued technical support for unforeseen production issues

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