Sierra Wireless Smart SIM gives global access to more networks than any single mobile network operator SIM. Claim 3 FREE Smart SIMs today.

Claim 3 FREE Smart SIMs todayDesigned for business critical IoT applications the Sierra Wireless Smart SIM provides higher network connectivity uptime.

Key Features

  • Available in two versions Advanced and Lite, the Smart SIM holds multiple profiles (multi-IMSI and multi-access network) on a single SIM.
  • The SIM has access to all of the partner networks of each operator, effectively providing the SIM global access to more networks than any single Mobile Network Operator SIM
  • The Lite Smart SIM improves local coverage and offers economic
    global SIM solution to simplify multinational deployment
  • Unlike competitor SIMs, the Advanced Smart SIM ranks the available
    networks according to quaity of service (QoS) and sets up a data
    connection (IP connection)
  • If there is an issue with connection the Advanced SIM automatically
    connects to the next best QoS data network, ensuring you benefit from
    much higher uptime of the data connection without the need for human
  • The Smart SIM has an Anti-aging feature. Every 23 hours the SIM is
    disconnected and reconnected to the best available network at that
    point in time ensuring the connection is strong, robust and relaible
    for data transmission
  • The Sierra Wireless Global roaming Advanced Smart SIM has access
    to every network in any given country. 

Claim your FREE Sierra Wireless Smart SIMs for testing

Claim your FREE Sierra Wireless Smart SIMs for testingDo you have an application that you are building right now or ready to be tested/launced in the next 8 weeks?

Is Mobile connectivity an essential part of your solution?

If so why not claim up-to 3 Sierra Wireless Smart SIMs for 15MB of data for up to 3 months.

Eligibility for Test SIMs:

  • Your company must have a current project or a project to be tested/launched within 8 weeks
  • The test SIMs will be available for use for up to 3 months and have up to 15MB of data available per month

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