Qioptiq’s world-class laser technology is now available with Acal BFi’s specialist technical integration and design expertise

Qioptiq’s world-class laser technology is now available with Acal BFi’s specialist technical integration and design expertiseAcal BFi, the European leader in advanced technology solutions with over 30 years’ experience in photonics and lasers, has partnered with Qioptiq to increase application support and enable more sectors to benefit from Qioptiq’s leading laser technology across Europe.

Recognised on a global scale for its high-quality, ultra-stable solutions, Qioptiq designs and manufactures precision lasers that serve a wide range of markets and applications. These include demanding applications such as medical, life science, and research and development as well as mission-critical applications in manufacturing, defense and aerospace.

Supporting customers with three decades of technical expertise

Acal BFi has supported customers with technical expertise for more than three decades and is uniquely positioned in the market to advance customer designs with Qioptiq’s leading-edge laser technology. Together, Qioptiq and Acal BFi can develop and provide complex, custom laser solutions quickly and efficiently.

Alex Schneider, Business Development Director of Acal BFi’s Photonics Division commented, “Qioptiq is widely recognised for its innovative, high-quality solutions and technology. With our technical expertise, more customers can utilise and benefit from Qioptiq’s high-end lasers in their applications, to achieve precise, reliable measurements.”

Josep Tienda, European Channel Sales Director, Excelitas Technologies (parent company of Qioptiq), added, “Acal BFi’s photonics expertise is absolute. Combining its three decades’ of expertise with Qioptiq’s high-precision lasers will directly benefit customers. More sectors and applications are now fully supported with leading-edge solutions and the specialist expertise to implement them effectively.”



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