Performance-driven design backed by leading simulation tools and fast prototyping

Custom power supplies

Not every application can use a standard power supply. That is why the power specialists at Acal BFi create custom supplies which are designed to meet the most challenging specifications.

The design-in support from our team of power specialists is innovative, field-proven and fast. Our own in-house expertise and resources are complemented by those of technical partners across a network of leading suppliers. These strong partnerships give you access to outstanding design and manufacturing capabilities which have been developed through decades of close cooperation and which can deliver even on the most demanding projects.

Getting to market faster

Acal BFi’s development process is all about speed, even for fully custom supplies developed using discrete devices. We combine fast prototyping and in-house testing, with a rigorous methodology which eliminates errors and gets custom and semi-custom supplies to market fast. At the start of the development process, a feasibility study reviews the supply’s key performance parameters, and a statement of work (SOW) clearly sets out important milestones for progress reviews. This provides a solid planning base for everyone involved in the design.

Simulations save time

Extensive computer simulations are also crucial. Accurate analysis of predicted performance is achieved using a technical database, containing the performance characteristics of a vast number of power components, and the expertise and experience of our power specialists.

This rigorous design methodology means that, for most customers, prototypes are right first time. Simply by eliminating design reiterations, time to market can be reduced by weeks, or even months.

In-house prototyping, testing and pre-compliance

Speed is also essential for prototypes which are built using similar methods to volume manufacturing, to ensure a high yield when the design ramps up to full production.

The finished power supply is tested to ensure that its mechanical, physical and electrical performance fully meet the agreed specifications. Pre-compliance testing is also carried out, in-house or by our supplier partners, for environmental, safety and EMC regulations which include CE, UL, CSA and SEMI.

With engineering support from the power specialists at Acal BFi, custom design can be fast.

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Myrra launch the 48000 series – their smallest, complete AC/DC power supply solution for low-power electronic designs and devices

Myrra have launched their smallest-ever power supply, the 48000 series; available with seven output voltages – 3.3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 18 and 24Vdc

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Introducing M from Magnetics® – the new ferrite with 50% increased permeability

Developed by one of the world’s leading suppliers of precision soft magnetic materials and components, Magnetics’ new M material pushes the boundaries of ferrite class materials with a permeability of 15,000µ, one of the highest permeabilities available for ferrite materials.

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