Deploy your ATCA system more quickly

Artesyn Embedded Technologies Centellis4440

Customer demand for greater and greater bandwidth in telecoms applications shows no sign of letting up. The resulting growth in IP traffic is making unprecedented demands on the communications infrastructure.

In particular, the huge popularity of smartphones with their high-bandwidth applications is putting enormous pressure on wireless carriers to deliver more bandwidth in their networks. There is also growing use of media-rich content such as YouTube and webcams and demand for longer-duration connections such as the BBC iPlayer and IP television. This in turn increases the demand for high-bandwidth-network-infrastructure equipment plus mechanisms to control, and charge intelligently for, what is provided.

ATCA to the rescue

The increasingly used 40Gbit/s data rate systems are better able to cope with higher internet traffic loads than the traditional 10Gbit/s. A well-established technology for communications infrastructure implementations, open standard bladed ATCA (advanced telecom computing architecture) increases the data processing performance per blade, and increases the bandwidth of that blade’s data path into the system backbone.

Acal BFi are now providing blades and systems that interact at 40Gbit/s. This technology will allow a seamless and cost-effective transition to 40Gbit/s.

Acal BFi have the answers

Acal BFi work closely with industry-leading manufacturers such as Artesyn Embedded Technologies, Adlink and GE. We supply a range of high-performance, high-bandwidth switch and processing blades for ATCA platforms. These blades are ideally suited to the most bandwidth-intensive telecoms applications such as LTE and the 4G network in general.

ATCA server blades offer state-of-the-art performance and memory capacity for high-performance computing and server applications. The Artesyn Embedded Technologies ATCA-7370 extends the processing, memory and I/O capabilities available to designers of ATCA-based telecoms servers.

Artesyn Embedded Technologies' Centellis 4440 ATCA platform core, available from Acal BFi, is specifically designed to address the unique carrier-grade requirements of the telecoms industry.

Using industry standard mezzanines such as the Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC), ATCA I/O blades are designed for flexibility, and can be optimised to meet the needs of your application. AMCs provide a wide choice of processing and I/O technologies for designers of ATCA systems. ATCA packet and media processing blades are designed for data plane or signal plane processing in data communications applications.

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