Spectrophotometer for diffuse reflectance measurement, VIS-NIR 360-2500nm

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Manufacturer ARCoptix


Description :

ARCspectro VIS-NIR DR is a spectrophotometer incorporates two spectrometers: one Arcoptix FT-NIR Fourier-Transform scanning spectrometer for NIR region (900-2500nm) and one multichannel grating spectrometer for the VIS region (360-1050nm). The software automatically connects the spectra from the 2 spectrometers, so you do not have to care about this.

The ARCspectro VIS-NIR is a laboratory spectrometer designed for the measurement of diffuse reflectance of solid samples over the complete VIS & NIR spectral range. The system includes an integrating sphere for diffuse reflectance measurement on samples.

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  • Large spectral range: 360nm-2500nm
  • Optical resolution: 5 nm
  • Fast (5 seconds measurement) and easy to use (no user parameters)
  • Accurate measurement: integrating sphere with 10mm-diameter measurement port
  • Automatic calculation of the Total Solar Reflectance value
  • Illumination source: Halogen, 5W
  • Benefits

  • This instrument is ideal for measuring the Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) value