FTIR Rocket OEM module

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Manufacturer ARCoptix


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The ARCoptix FTIR Rocket OEM modules have been developed for system integrators looking for a custom FTIR measurement design. The modular solution consists of essentially 3 elements:

  • Interferometer module
  • Detector module
  • Light source module

  • Depending of the application (gas measurement, transmission, ATR or fibred) an additional sampling system (like a White gas cell for example) must be included in the optical path of the system in between the interferometer and the detector module. The modules are easily fixed on a breadboard for prototyping, and they are compatible with standard 30mm cage system (eg from Thorlabs or Linos). A software development kit with examples in C, Labview and Matlab - is also provided.

    Thanks to its solid state reference laser and its sealed, self-compensated interferometer, the FTIR Rocket OEM module has low sensitivity to temperature fluctuations and vibrations. The detector module is optimized for sensitivity thanks to its TE-cooled MCT detector.

    These units are also available with an embedded microprocessor with built-in digital signal processor, running a stand-alone OS. Reliable computer interfacing is made via Ethernet using a TCP/IP protocol or USB. With battery power, the FTIR module can be used as portable stand-alone system.

    Beside the standard features, our engineering team will be glad to help you with the customisation of the system.

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    • Modular system
    • Compact and rugged
    • High resolution of 4 cm-1
    • Easily connected to IR fiber systems
    • TE-cooled MCT detector, 5000-830 cm-1 (2 to 12 µm)
    • Stand alone system with embedded DSP and Linux OS (optional)
    • Ethernet (TCP-IP) or USB connectivity
    • Cost effective

    FTIR-OEM000 interferometer modules

    Beam-spliter materialCaF2ZnSe
    Spectral range [(cm-1]11'000 - 1'1005'000 - 750
    Spectral range [μm]0.9-8.52.0-14.0
    Interferometer typePermanentely aligned, double retro-reflector design
    Resolution [cm-1 ] (unapodised)4
    Wavenumber repetability [cm-1 @ 2000cm-1]<0.02
    Scan frequency1 spectrum / second (in continuous aquisition mode)
    Control laserTemperature-stabilised solid-state laser @850nm
    A/D converter24 bit
    Operating temperature10°C-40°C
    Communication interfaceUSB 2.0 (optionally Ethernet RJ-28)
    Power requirement7.5-12V / 2W (interferometer only)
    Software interfaceWindows XP/7/8, API for controlling the instrument via our DLL
    Dimensions180 x 160 x 80mm