Spectroradiometer PRISMS Serie, for LED and Lighting measurements

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Manufacturer Photo Research Inc

Photo Research Inc

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The Spectra® Modular Systems (PRISMS) line of versatile spectral measurement solutions combines the research grade accuracy, repeatability and reliability into solutions that can readily adapt to any application via an industry standard SMA terminated fiber cable. With Spectra® PRISMS modular System, photometric and colorimetric testing can easily be performed on LED’s, luminaires, displays, projected images – virtually any configuration. The fiber optics link makes the PRISMS series ideal for interfacing to integrating spheres (luminous flux / radiant flux), luminance / radiance probes, illuminance / irradiance probes, and luminous intensity / radiant intensity probes.

The PRISMS series consists of 5 products:
The MS6 model is ideal for those applications requiring a medium resolution, medium sensitivity solution at an extremely affordable price. The MS730 / MS735 are available to test the high power LED and lighting devices. The MS730 covers the visible spectrum while the MS735 measures into the NIR. The MS740 / MS745 are designed for applications requiring ultra-high speed at low light conditions and is ideal for the testing of low to medium intensity LED’s for lumens (in an integrating sphere). The MS740 is a visible wavelength solution while the MS745 extends the measureable spectral range to 1080 nm making it ready to test NIR LED’s or other devices.

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  • Luminance Range (in cd/m² Illuminant A): 0.015–8000000, 0.00015–6000000, 0.00007–3000000, 0.000025–60000, 0.000013–30000
  • Colorimetric Accuracy: 0.0015 1931 CIE x,y @ 0.5 cd/m²
  • 4 inches SMA Fibre optic cable
  • AC Adapter
  • Benefits

    Measurement capabilities (accessories dependent):

  • Radiometric: Radiant flux, Spectral radiance, Spectral irradiance, Spectral radiant intensity, CIE Chromaticity
  • Photometric Capabilities: Lumens, Luminance (cd/m², footlamberts, Illuminance (lux, footcandles), Candelas, 1931 x,y 1976 u’, v’, 1960 u,v, Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), Color Rendering Index (CRI), Dominant Wavelength, Saturation
  • Each PRISMS system is supplied with SpectraWin 2 Lite software – a Windows (Vista, 7 and 8) based control and data analysis program designed for ease of use.
PRISMS Serie MS6 MS730 MS735 MS740 MS745
Spectral range 380-780 nm 380-780 nm 380-1080 nm 380-780 nm 380-1080 nm
Bandwidth 8 nm 8 nm 14 nm 2 nm 4 nm
Wavelength Accuracy (nm) < 1 < 0.4 < 0.8 < 0.4 < 0.8
Exposure Time range 6 ms–30 s 12 ms–5 mins 12 ms–5 mins 6.4 ms–2 mins 6.4 ms–2 mins
Photometric accuracy (Illuminant A) ± 2% @ 0.5 cd/m2 ± 2% @ 0.01 cd/m2 ± 2% @ 0.005 cd/m2 ± 2% @ 0.005 cd/m2 ± 2% @ 0.00025 cd/m2
  • High intensity
  • High intensity
  • Low intensity
  • High intensity
  • Low intensity
  • Near IR (NIR)
  • Low intensity
  • High Speed
  • Low intensity
  • High Speed
  • Near IR (NIR)