Lateral Effect Position Sensing Photodiodes


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Manufacturer First Sensor

First Sensor

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These components utilize the effect of the lateral division of the generated photocurrent. The term "position sensitive detector" (PSD) refers to a component that is based on silicon PIN diode technology and is used to measure the position of the integral focus of an incoming light signal. A light spot on the PSD, for instance, is converted into a continuous electrical signal corresponding to the focal position of this spot. The position of a direction is derived from the relationship between two output currents.

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  • One-dimensional PSD
  • Two-dimensional PSD
  • Duo-lateral PSD
  • High position resolution
  • High linearity
  • Active area size: 3.5mm², 6mm², 16mm², 100mm², 400mm²
  • Components with up to 20 mm measuring range in two directions