Piezo Driver/Amplifier, Dual Unit (180 to 250 V AC)

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Manufacturer Trek Inc

Trek Inc

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The Trek Model PZD700A high-voltage DC-stable piezo driver/amplifier is designed to provide precise control of output Voltages in one of three, user specified, voltage ranges: 0 to ±700 V (±100 mA), 0 to +1.4 kV (±50 mA), or 0 to -1.4 kV (±50 mA). Inverting and noninverting input configurations are available. The Model PZD700A has an adjustable gain to 300 V/V. Applications for the Model PZD700A include piezoelectric driving/control, laser modulation, MEMS, semiconductor research, and piezoelectric vibration damping. Features include solid-state design, high slew rate, and small signal bandwidth greater than 200 kHz for all voltage ranges.

A four-quadrant active output stage sinks or sources current into reactive or resistive loads throughout the output voltage range. This technique is essential for achieving the accurate output responses and high slew rates demanded by reactive loads. The Model PZD700A is protected against overvoltage and overcurrent conditions that may be generated by active loads or by output short circuits to ground.

Precision voltage and current monitors provide low-voltage representations of the high-voltage output and load current for monitoring purposes or for use as a feedback signals in a closed loop system.

The Digital Enable feature provides a connection for a remote device to turn ON and OFF the high-voltage of the instrument. This makes the Model PZD700A suitable for automated or computer controlled systems.

The Model PZD700A has a Dynamics Adjustment feature which can be used to optimize the AC response of the output signal. Front panel LEDs display power on, high-voltage and voltage regulation or limit status of the unit. The Model PZD700A is available in single channel or dual channel configurations and can be operated on a bench top or, with optional hardware, in a standard 19-inch rack.

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  • Available Output Ranges:
  • 0 to ±700 V DC or Peak AC, ±100 mA Current (Bipolar)
  • 0 to +1.4 kV, DC or Peak AC, ±50 mA Current (Unipolar)
  • 0 to -1.4 kV, DC or Peak AC, ±50 mA Current (Unipolar)
  • Adjustable Gain Ratio: To 300 V/V
  • DC Accuracy: Better Than 0.1% of Full Scale with 200 V/V Gain
  • Slew Rates:
  • Greater Than 380 V/μs for Bipolar Model
  • Greater than 370 V/μs for Unipolar Models
  • Precision Monitors For Voltage and Current
  • Remote High-Voltage ON/OFF Suitable for Automated Systems
  • Dynamic Adjustment Optimizes AC Response
  • CE Compliant