Thermal Sensors, Low Power Laser, up to 40W CW

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Low Power Laser Power Meter

Manufacturer LaserPoint


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Thermal Laser Sensors with High Sensitivity for very low powers: 10µW to 2W. Low noise and low drift thermal sensors that accurately measure low laser powers over a broad wavelength range. They can also be used to measure low single shot laser energies down to 200µJ.

Low Power Thermal Sensors: 10mW to 40W (200W short term). Laser Point has a selection of measurement sensors for low average laser powers, for continuous or pulsed sources having beam sizes up to 60mm. Sensors are so robust that a version of the 40 W model can be safely used up to 200 W.

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  • Models up to 40W for scientific lasers
  • Sensitive thermopile sensors for power detection down to 10μW and energy to 2mJ
  • Broadband and High resistant coatings to 28KW/cm²
  • Energy measurement up to 40 Joules
  • EMI rejection
  • NISTand PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) traceability
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Sensor Type Thermopile  

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Max. Average Power 1 mW - 40 W  
Energy Range 1 mJ - 60 J  
Power Meter Max Power Aperture Coating USB/RS232-interface
A-02 200 mW 12 mm BBF Yes
A-2 2 W 12 mm BBF or HPB Yes
A-10 10 W 12 mm  or 20 mm BBF or HPB Yes
A-40 40 W 25 mm or 40 mm BBF or HPB Yes
A-40/200 40 W/200 W (for 2 min 25 mm, 40 mm or 60 mm HPB Yes