Photodiode based Laser Sensors, up to 500mW

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Photodiode Heads

Manufacturer LaserPoint


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LaserPoint’s photodiode sensors for laser measurement can measure powers between 100nW and 500mW and cover a spectral range between 200nm to 1800nm. Their aperture is 9.5mm. Wavelength calibration data is saved into the system and allows wavelength setting every 1nm.

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  • Sensitive detectors for low power measurements
  • UV enhanced and NIR Detectors (200nm to 1800nm)
  • Fiber adapters available (SMA,ST, FC,LC,SC)
  • NISTand PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) traceability
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Sensor Type Photodiode  

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Max. Average Power 10 µW - 500 mW  
Power Meter Max Power Aperture Spectral range
PD-50-D9-UV 10 µW - 50 mW 9 mm 200-1100 nm
PD-50-D9-VIS 10 µW - 50 mW 9 mm 400-1100 nm
PD-50-D9-IR 100 µW- 50 mW 9 mm 800-1800 nm
PD-500-D9-VI 100 µW - 500 mW 9 mm 400-1100 nm