Laser Power and Position Sensors

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Power and Position Sensors

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LaserPoint applied for a patent for the first thermal detector that combines power, position and beam diameter in a single and compact laser sensor as far as 1997 ; a second patent for the detection of the same parameters was announced in 2006. As a fall-out of this extensive R&D activity a whole family of high accuracy but simplified sensors was released in 2010. This new family of detectors was aimed for those applications that require accurate beam centering, tracking of beam wander, monitoring of beam drifts and alignment of optical elements, other than beam power. The QA sensors line measures power from 10W f.s. to 6kW f.s.; in addition, the sensor tracks beam position down to 100µm. The small footprint and ease of use allow an immediate integration within any optical setup.

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  • Thermopile detectors for power and beam position sensing down to 15mW
  • 100 microns resolution
  • Models for low and high powers up to 6kW for high power industrial lasers
  • Large Area Detectors to 55 mm
  • EMI rejection
  • NIST and PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) traceability
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Sensor Type Thermopile / Beam Positioning  

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Max. Average Power 1 mW - 40 W  
10 W - 500 W  
100 W - 12 kW  
Power Meter Max Power Aperture Coating Cooling
QA-10 10 W 20 mm BBF oder HPB Air
QA-40 40 W 40 mm HPB Air
QA-200 200 W 40 mm HPB or SHC Fan
QW-1500 1500 W 40 mm HPB or SHC Water
QW-3000 3000 W 55 mm HPB or SHC Water
QW-6000 6000 W 55 mm SHC Water