Trueform signal generation technology provides superior signal integrity

Keysights Trueform waveform technology can provide you with considerable benefits over DDS.

Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) has been the standard technology in waveform generators, offering a lower-cost alternative to high-end Point-Per-Clock (PPC) methods. However limitations include poor signal quality (in the form of jitter and harmonic noise), and skipping waveform points, resulting in only an approximate waveform.

Keysight Technologies' Trueform waveform technology is found exclusively in their 33600A and 33500B series of products, and provides considerable benefits over DDS.

Comparing DDS and Trueform technology



Using a virtual variable clock and digital sampling techniques, Keysight’s Trueform generators are available at the same price point as DDS technology, while still offering performance usually associated with PPC.

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Acal BFi is a Keysight Authorised Technology Partner. View the 33600A or 33500B series, or if you would like to discuss the units further, contact us.


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