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We’re leaders in the development of custom technology solutions for electronic applications.

If you’re looking for a trusted design partner for the development of an electronic application, look no further. Our engineers and our approach will ensure we can solve your technical challenges with custom solutions that integrate multiple technologies.

Acal BFi offer a portfolio of specialist magnetic, power, wireless, sensors and imaging technologies from high-quality and leading suppliers. Together, with our design engineers, we can help you every step of your design process from idea to production, creating a unique ‘’Power Solution’’ to meet the industries growing needs.

To help you discover how we can help we have outlined two routes Board or System Integration level.

Board level

  • You are designing your own power module: key components are inductors and transformers, the selection of magnetic core is the extremely important to achieve the best efficiency of your converter. We can also offer SMD power inductors, EMI filters, current sensor, temperature sensors, thermally conductive products to extract heat from hot spots and frequency controllers.

System integration

  • You are designing your charging solution by integrating blocks: fast DC-charging modules, AC/AC converters, high-power transformers, EMI filters and shielding, current transformers and power supplies are some of the solutions we offer.
  • Essential EV charging plug and connector systems
  • Payment services and user interfaces: 2G/3G/LTE modules, LoRa, WiFi, Bluetooth and RFid technologies. Our embedded solutions can support these technologies.
  • You want to add monitoring services: select our sensors, cameras or imaging sensors.

Across Europe, Acal BFi is the custom supply sales company for the extensive range of custom and standard products available from leading suppliers. Our customers have access to specialist and engineering teams across a range of high technology areas.

Acal BFi – providing a unique combination of leading-edge technologies and custom solutions and is the partner for high demanding and leading companies across Europe.

Our markets:

Marine, Oil and Gas, Medical IoT, IoT, Aerospace and Defence, Networking and Communication, Industrial, Scientific, Energy, Automotive and Transportation, Security, Medical and Healthcare, EV Charging, HVAC, AGV, Robotics, Agriculture.

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