Pan-European thermal imaging specialist, Acal BFi, opens the potential of FLIR’s new Lepton 3 micro-camera

Pan-European thermal imaging specialist, Acal BFi, opens the potential of FLIR’s new Lepton 3 micro-cameraAcal BFi, thermal imaging specialist and European leader in advanced technology solutions, is helping enable customers to easily access and design with FLIR´s Lepton® micro-thermal camera series, including the new Lepton 3. Joining Acal BFi’s range of FLIR solutions, including Boson™ and Tau® cores, the recently announced thermal micro-camera offers outstanding performance in an ultra-compact package.

As the pan-European technical design specialist for FLIR’s thermal camera cores, Acal BFi is a true “one-stop shop,” providing direct support and design consultancy services to customers. Acal BFi enables customers to develop customised designs for their innovative applications and products.

Designers and engineers are now able to add the features, advantages and benefits of thermal imaging to applications and products which were, until now, unreachable due to size, weight, cost or power requirements. Combined with Acal BFi’s expert support and leading technology portfolio, thermal imaging and detection is now available to more sectors than ever before.

Add thermal imaging capabilities to any application

Lepton is a complete long-wave infrared (LWIR) camera module designed to interface easily into native mobile-device interfaces and other consumer electronics, using a standard SPI video or two-wire I2C serial control interface. Multiple proprietary technologies, including wafer-level detector packaging and micro-optics, are packed into the single, low-power chip which measures just 11.8 x 12.7 x 7.2mm or less depending on model. Thanks to its tiny size and outstanding performance, it can be integrated as an IR sensor or thermal imager into almost any application.

The recently released Lepton 3 is the first complete micro-thermal camera to offer a 160 x 120 resolution in a package small enough to be integrated into a smartphone or within a machine process. Weighing less than 1 gram, it can be used in competitive scenarios such as motor racing and in drone or UAV applications.

The new micro-camera can also be integrated into power sensitive applications, such as remote or handheld devices and search-and-rescue equipment, without compromising the design or battery life, with an operating voltage of just 150mW. As one of the most cost effective thermal solutions available today, Lepton can be used to develop new designs, add unique, leading-edge capabilities to commercial grade products, or commercialise existing designs currently using Boson or Tau thermal imagers.

“With Acal BFi’s design support, customers can efficiently integrate the latest thermal imaging technology”

Alex Schneider, Business Development Director of Acal BFi’s Photonics & Imaging Business Unit commented; “We are delighted to add Lepton cores to our portfolio of FLIR thermal camera solutions, alongside the Boson and Tau cores. Acal BFi technical support engineers will help OEM designers from more sectors and industries select the right thermal core, integrate it into new, innovative solutions and efficiently bring these to market.”

Available from Acal BFi

FLIR Lepton 3 is available with the Lepton series of cameras and accessories as part of the FLIR range of leading thermal cores from Acal BFi now.


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