New SSDs increase throughput and capacity

Adlink SSDs

Adlink’s latest 6Gb/s solid-state drives (SSDs) combine significant performance improvements over mechanical drives, combined with operation over the industrial -40°C to 85°C or extended 0°C to 70°C temperature ranges.

Faster speeds, reduced power consumption, lower sensitivity to shock, and slim, lightweight form factors, mean that these new industrial-grade SSDs can support increased performance and capacity with enhanced reliability.

Designed for high-throughput data transfers, with resistance to shock and vibration, Adlink’s ASD series of SSDs provide improved speed and reliability in multiple drive RAID configurations in applications such as telecom servers, defence, transport, medical and industrial automation.

The use of high-speed SLC/MLC NAND flash memory and advanced controller technology enables the ADS series to achieve sustained sequential read/write performance of up to 420 MB/s and 380 MB/s, respectively. With up to 256 GB of storage and a choice of 2.5", 1.8", and Half-Slim (MO-297) form factors, these new SSDs also deliver increased capacity and storage density.


Form factor Storage technology Sustained read Sustained write Capacity Series
2.5" SLC NAND 470MB/s 385MB/s 32-128GB ASD25-SLC
2.5" MLC NAND 400MB/s 300MB/s 64-256GB ASD25-MLC
1.8" SLC/MLC NAND 480MB/s 400MB/s 32-128GB (SLC)
128-512GB (MLC)
1.8" MLC NAND 400MB/s 300MB/s 64-256GB AD18-MLC
Half-Slim MO-297 MLC NAND 350MB/s 100MB/s 64GB ASDHS-MLC
50.8mm x 29.8mm x 3.4mm MLC Toggle NAND High IOPS 480MB/s 390MB/s 32-256GB ASDHS-MLC

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