New 600W CmE power module provides the full potential of the Excelsys CoolX600 power supply with just one power card

New 600W CmE power module provides the full potential of the Excelsys CoolX600 power supply with just one power cardExcelsys have released the CmE module for their revolutionary CoolX600 NFF (no fan featured) series power supply which enables users to gain the maximum 600W (at 24V(nom) and 25A) from just one power card module. Reducing the overall BOM, users can now benefit from cost saving and reduced set-up times in applications which use the full potential of the world’s first modular power supply to use true convection cooling.

A range of user-configurable power outputs can be obtained in the field, from 105W to 600W, using the CoolX600 chassis, which is available with both medical and industrial certifications, as well as CoolMod power modules. The new CmE module joins its four sister modules (CmA, B, C and D), and provides the maximum possible output of the CoolX600 NFF series from just a single module.

Revolutionary benefits from a flexible modular design

The NFF series enables users to stay ahead of the curve with a host of unrivalled benefits in a compact, customisable, reliable package. The NFF series was designed from the ground up to be user-field configurable. The modular design allows the user to create a power supply for real-world needs by integrating up to four Cm(X) power modules into the CS06M/S chassis in the field, reducing design time and simplifying logistics.

The design is completely convection cooled, removing the requirements and disadvantages of any cooling system. With an efficient, total convection-cooled design, noise and vibrations are eliminated and overall power consumption greatly reduced. The NFF series has one of the highest efficiencies available at >93.5%.

Excelsys CoolX CmE

The NFF series also delivers a revolutionary increase in reliability of 25% over other leading solutions, which are only as good as the fan allows them to be. With a Level 4 surge rating, there are no external circuits to the supply, further increasing reliability.

The design features the open standard power-management protocol, Power Management Bus (PMBus). In the NFF series, this flexible and highly versatile standard allows users to monitor and also control all modules within the power supply. Communication between devices is based on both analogue and digital technologies, and provides true interoperability to reduce design complexity and BOM, and further shorten go-to-market timescales.

The modular design has future-proofed certification compliance for both medical and industrial applications, including EN60601-1 3rd and 4th edition, UL/EN60950 and EN62368-1. A dual fuse design also removes external fuse requirements in medical applications.

The CoolX600 NFF series meets both creepage and clearance safety requirements with a 5,000m altitude rating, operational withstand capacity (five seconds at 300VinAC), reverse energy protection and is warrantied for five years.


Available from Acal BFi

Excelsys CoolXAcal BFi is uniquely positioned to provide you with Excelsys’ full range of power modules for the CoolX600 NFF Series and also pre-configure these in the chassis, providing you with a true plug-and-play solution.

With Acal BFi’s support, customers are able to access a ready-to-use, custom power through a single Acal BFi part number.

Find out how we can help you and how your design can benefit from the world’s only fanless modular power supply by contacting us today.

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