Ethernet connectivity in one embedded solution

Lantronix xport xpico

Acal BFi supply the latest technology. Our aim is to make our customers’ lives as easy as possible. That is why we want to explain how some of this technology has come about, and how it will benefit you.

Because it is easy to wire and simple to manage, ethernet has become the backbone for digital communications in the IT industry, and its use is increasing in other industrial applications too.

However, many serial devices are unable to connect to the ethernet network. A serial device server allows companies to connect their serial devices to an ethernet LAN/WAN. Most traditional serial devices do not have built-in ethernet ports, so serial-to-ethernet solutions have until now been used to bridge that gap. For many devices, the only access available to a systems integrator is the serial port.

Lantronix XPort

Lantronix is one of the leading manufacturers with whom we work closely. The Lantronix XPort embedded ethernet device server incorporates all the hardware and software required for network connectivity in one single embedded ethernet solution.

Compact and powerful, it features:

  • ethernet connection
  • embedded web server, and
  • 256 bit AES encryption for secure communications.

The XPort allows designers to embed intelligence into any electronic product, for applications such as:

  • asset tracking
  • remote diagnostics and upgrades, and
  • personalised content delivery.

Lantronix xPico

The latest serial-to-ethernet device from Lantronix is the xPico. The smallest embedded device server in the world, the chip-sized xPico is recognised as the most advanced, easiest to use and fastest of its kind, and can be quickly integrated with minimal engineering required.

It is simple, flexible, and exceptionally compact (24mm x 16.5mm x 5.64mm). This means the xPico can fit into miniature applications that previously would have involved a chip design. Development costs are thus kept to a minimum because there is virtually no need to write even a line of code.

The xPico is a networking solution that enables ethernet connectivity on virtually any device with a serial interface.

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