High Current Step-Up Converter with Adjustable Current Limit

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Manufacturer Skyworks


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The AAT1219 is a high current synchronous boost converter with programmable low side MOSFET peak current limit of 500mA to 2.5A. It is ideal for preventing input current from overloading system power in PCI-E card applications based on WCDMA/Edge/GPRS/TD-SCDMA PCI-E card GSM high load pulse applications. With a suitable UltraCap or SuperCap, the AAT1219 ensures that output voltage meets load power requirements when large load pulses are applied. It is also ideal for CDMA/ Evdo A/Evdo-B and other industry modem continuous load current applications. The output voltage of the adjustable version of the AAT1219 is programmed from 3.0V to 5.0V by an external resistive divider; the FB pin is left floating in the fixed output voltage version. Optimized internal compensation provides fast transient response with no external components. Light load switching frequency modulation and low quiescent current maintain high efficiency performance for light load mode conditions. The low-side power MOSFET peak current limit of 500mA to 2.5A is set via an external resistor to protect the system power from overload. The high-side MOSFET current limit operates in a linear mode to limit input inrush current. The high side MOSFET current limit is set at a nominal of 500mA. Reverse blocking is integrated to prevent current from flowing back to the input. The AAT1219's true load disconnect function isolates the output from the input when the device is disabled. Output over-voltage, short-circuit, and over-temperature protection are also integrated to protect the AAT1219 from these fault conditions. The AAT1219 is available in a Pb-free, 12-pin, low-profile TDFN33 package and is rated over the -40°C to 85°C temperature range.

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Technical Data :

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    • VIN Range: 2.4V to VOUT + 0.25V
    • VOUT Range
    • Adjustable and Fixed Voltage Versions
    • Adjustable: 3.0V to 5.0V
    • Programmable NMOS Peak Current Limit: 500mA to 2.5A
    • Startup Inrush Current Limit: 500mA
    • Reverse Current Blocking
    • True Load Disconnect when Shutdown
    • Up to 95% Efficiency
    • 1.2MHz Switching Frequency
    • Low RDS(ON)
    • Synchronous Boost Rectification and Internal Compensation
    • Output Ready Indicator
    • Fault Protection
    • Programmable Over-Voltage Protection
    • Short-Circuit Protection
    • Over-Temperature Protection
    • Low-profile TDFN33-12 Package

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Control scheme Fixed Frequency PWM Peak Current Mode Control  

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Switching frequency (kHz) 1200  
Max Input Voltage (V) 2.4 to 5.25  
Output Voltage (V) 3 to 5  
Typ. Active Current (µA) 58  
Typ. Output Voltage Accuracy (%) ± 3  
Output Capacitor Type 22 μF, Ceramic Capacitor  
Output Current (mA) 1000  
Operating Temperature (°C) -40 to +85  
Package TDFN33-12