1.5A Step-Up Current Regulator for Flash LEDs

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The AAT1290 is a high-efficiency, high-current boost converter capable of 1.5A typical output current. It is an ideal power solution for LED photo flash applications in all single cell Li-ion powered products. The AAT1290 maintains output current regulation by switching the internal high-side and low-side switch transistors. The transistor switches are pulse-width modulated at a fixed frequency of 2MHz. The high switching frequency allows the use of a small inductor and output capacitor, making the AAT1290 ideally suited for small battery-powered applications. AnalogicTech's proprietary AS2Cwire™ (Advanced Simple Serial Control™) serial digital interface is used to enable, disable, configure, and program the operation of the AAT1290. Using the AS2Cwire interface, the movie-mode current level for the LED, the safety timer delay, and the flash-to-movie-mode current ratio can be programmed to one of 16 levels. In addition, the single-wire serial protocol sets output channel control. The AAT1290 also includes a separate Flash Enable input to initiate both the flash operation and the default timer which can be used either to terminate a flash event at the end of a userprogrammed delay or as a safety feature. Also included is a Flash Inhibit pin which reduces the flash current to movie-mode levels during high battery demand. The maximum flash and movie-mode current is set by one external resistor where the ratio of Flash to Moviemode current is set at approximately 7.3:1. The AAT1290 can drive one high current LED. The AAT1290 contains a thermal management system to protect the device in the event of an output short-circuit condition. Built-in circuitry prevents excessive inrush current during start-up. The shutdown feature reduces quiescent current to less than 1.0μA. The AAT1290 is available in a Pb-free, thermally enhanced 14-pin 3x3mm TDFN package

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    • VIN Range: 2.7V to 5.5V
    • Single Channel Flash Output
    • Up to 1.5A Regulated Output Current
    • Up to 85% Efficiency with Small Inductor (1μH)
    • 2 MHz Switching Frequency
    • Separate Flash Enable
    • User-Programmable Safety Timer
    • Single Resistor Sets Flash and Movie Mode Current
    • AS2Cwire Single Wire Programming:
    • Movie Mode Current
    • Movie Mode Enable
    • Flash/Movie Mode Current Ratio
    • Flash Safety Timer
    • True Load Disconnect
    • Soft-Start and Input Current Limit
    • Over-Voltage (Open LED, Open Circuit), Short Circuit, and Over-Temperature Protection
    • Shutdown Current < 1.0μA
    • 14-pin TDFN 3x3 mm Package
    • -40°C to +85°C Temperature Range

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Control scheme Advanced Simple Serial Control  

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Switching frequency (kHz) 2000  
Max Input Voltage (V) 2.7 to 5.5  
Output Voltage (V) 5.5  
Typ. Active Current (µA) 1400  
Output Capacitor Type 2.2 μF, Ceramic Capacitor  
Output Current (mA) 1500  
Operating Temperature (°C) -40 to +85  
Package TDFN33-14