Over-Voltage Protection Switch

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Manufacturer Skyworks


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The AAT4687 OVPSwitch™ is a member of Skyworks' Application Specific Power MOSFET™ (ASPM™) product family. It is a P-channel MOSFET power switch with precise over-voltage protection control, designed to protect low-voltage systems against high-voltage faults up to +28V. If the input voltage exceeds the programmed over-voltage threshold, the P-channel MOSFET switch will be turned off to prevent the output load circuits from damage. The AAT4687 is available with an internally programmed over-voltage trip point or as an adjustable version programmed by two external resistors.

The AAT4687 includes an under-voltage lockout (UVLO) protection circuit, which will put the device into sleep mode at low input voltages only consuming < 1μA of current. The AAT4687 also includes an enable pin (EN) to enable or disable the device and an OVP, OTP fault indicator (FLT).

The AAT4687 is offered in a small Pb-free, 10 pin SC70JW package, and is specified for operation over the -40°C to +85°C ambient temperature range.

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    • Over-Voltage Protection up to 28V
    • Fixed or Adjustable Over-Voltage Protection Threshold
    • 3V Under-Voltage Lockout Threshold
    • Fast OVP Response:
    • 0.7μs Typical to Over-Voltage Transient
    • Low Operation Quiescent Current
    • 30μA Typical
    • 1μA Max in Shutdown (Disabled)
    • Thermal Shutdown Protection
    • 100mΩ Typical (130mΩ Max) RDS(ON) at 5V
    • OVP OTP Fault Indicator
    • 1.8A Maximum Continuous Current
    • Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°C
    • Available in SC70JW-10 Package

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Number of Channels 1  

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Fault Flag Yes  
Typical Quiescent Current (µA) 30  
Typical On-Resistance (mΩ) 100  
Voltage In (V) 14  
Package (mm) SC70JW-10