2.5 Watt Per Channel Stereo Class D Audio Amplifier

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Manufacturer Skyworks


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The AAT5102 is a high efficiency, high performance stereo class D audio amplifier. It is designed to operate in a wide supply voltage range from 2.5V to 5.5V and is targeted to deliver up to 2.5W output power to a 4Ω load with× 5V power supply. Efficiency of up to 90.5% makes it ideal for portable applications. The AAT5102 has four adjustable amplifier gains with 6, 12, 18 and 24dB programmed by two external pins. Two shutdown control pins are employed to control the left and right channels independently. The AAT5102 also integrates over-temperature protection circuitry to prevent internal junction temperature over-heating. The AAT5102 is offered in a Pb-free, thermally enhanced, space-saving 1.645mm × 1.645mm 16-pin WLCSP package and in the 3mm × 3mm 16-pin QFN package, and is specified for operation over the -40°C to +85°C ambient temperature range.

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    • Wide Supply Voltage Range (2.5V to 5.5V)
    • Maximum Battery Life and Minimum Heat 5mA Quiescent Current at 3.6V VDD, <1μA Shutdown Current, Up to 90.5% Efficiency
    • Output Power at 10% THD+N 2.5W x2 to 4Ω at 5V VDD, 1.6W x2 to 8Ω at 5V VDD,
    • High Performance THD+N of 0.03%, at 5V VDD, 8Ω Load and POUT = 1.0W, SNR of 102dB at 5V VDD, 8Ω Load and 1% THD+N
    • Shutdown Control Independent Control per Channel1, Internal 300kΩ Pull-down Resistors
    • Filter-less Capability
    • Four Programmable Gains: 6, 12, 18 and 24dB
    • Thermal Protection
    • Excellent PSRR
    • Built-in Pop-click Suppression Circuitry
    • 1.645mm × 1.645mm 16-Pin WLCSP Package
    • 3mm × 3mm 16-Pin QFN Package

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