Two-Channel LED Backlight Driver for LCD TV Applications

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Manufacturer Skyworks


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The AAT2499 is a highly integrated two channel TVLite™ LED driver for backlight arrays in large size LCD TV Panels
and is specifically paired for operation with the AAT2469 control IC. Integrated current sink MOSFETs can stand off up to 150V and regulate LED current up to 250mA per string. An internal I-Precise current control on each constant current sink circuit assures current accuracy and matching tolerances are better than ±1.5%.

The two LED constant current sinks are externally controlled by a 64-bit shift register that provides 12 bits of grayscale and delay programming resolution.

The LED string supply voltage is regulated by a current sense feedback signal to the host AAT2469 control IC, which in turn provides a current mode feedback to the system LED power source.

The AAT2499 fault system includes open circuit LED, short circuit LED and over temperature detection. All fault conditions
are reported via an open drain fault flag and through the serial shift register. Thermal protection circuitry shuts down the device in the event of an overtemperature condition.

The AAT2499 is available in a Pb-free 16 pin SOP-EP package.

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    • LED string current control up to 250mA/string
    • 150V LED string protection
    • 2 Programmable LED Current Sinks
    • ± 1.5% Accuracy @ 25°C
    • ± 1.5% Matching @ 25°C
    • High Speed Shift Register I/O
    • High Resolution Digital Control for Individual Channels
    • 12-Bit Resolution Grayscale PWM Brightness1
    • 12-Bit Resolution Channel Phase Delay1
    • Global Current Setting (Dot Correction) By Simple Reference Adjustment
    • VSYNC PWM and Delay Synchronization
    • Integrated Fault Protection
    • Programmable Fault Blanking
    • Open and Short Circuit LED(s)
    • Current Limit Protection
    • Over-Temperature Protection
    • Fault Reporting Via Shift Register Read Bits
    • Soft-Start to Minimize Inrush Current
    • 16 pin SOP-EP Package with 1.27mm lead pitch

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Number of LEDs 2  

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LED Channels 2  
LED(s) per Channel 1  
Current Accuracy (%) ±1.5  
Current Matching (%) ±1.5  
Max Current out per Channel (mA) 250  
Maximum Supply Voltage (V) 150  
Package (mm) SOP-EP-16